Terian ID System – Live Testing Continues…

Since our second rollout for live testing, the system has performed very well with only a few minor issues needing to be fixed.  The system has performed better than expected, and I have been able to bring forward the next step in testing by two weeks.

The Next Step:

Initially the plan was to run the system in live testing for a full month with the two test card types previously migrated, then at the end of the month increase the migration of card types to 50%.   However, with the success of the testing so far, I am confident I can move to the next step early.

The plan is to now migrate 50% of all card types (completed this evening), and continue to monitor and update the system as required for two months before taking the migration process to 100%.

Side Note:

In relation to the issue regarding storing images in the file system rather than the database, at 50% migration the database backup is only 75mb, which is well within the allowable storage limits enforced by the clients virtual server configuration.  So when it comes time to migrate 100% of the card types storage will not be an issue.

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