Terian ID Creator – Public Release Done!

After slightly over 3 years since the original development project was created, I’m pleased to announce the public release of Terian ID Creator v1.01.

Terian WebSite Screenshot

Similarly to Terian Image Capture Pro, a 30 day trial is available for Terian ID Creator. An installation guide that outlines the installation procedure and requirements is also available.

Brief Development History:

A more detailed history of development changes is available in the About Dialog within the application, however here is a brief list of some of the milestones achieved during development…

So as you can see, a little over 3 years in development from starting point to public release point.

What’s Next:

Well there are a number of additional features I plan to add in the future, however in the interim I will be taking a brief rest for a couple weeks which will hopefully allow me to tidy up a couple other projects that have been sidelined while completing ID Creator.

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