Terian Image Capture Pro v2.60 in Testing

Similar to the ID Creator post previously, this is just a quick note to say I’ve just compiled Terian Image Capture Pro v2.60, and will be putting it through testing for the next couple of days and hopefully with a public release early next week.

The changes in this release are:

  • Cross-hair support
  • Default Folder Changes (similar to the default folder changes made to Terian ID Creator)

Cross-hair support:

Cross-hair support has been something that I have wanted to implement for quite some time, as I have found with our clients capturing large numbers of images the framing of images can vary quite a bit.

Two basic cross-hairs are included, as well as an Ellipse cross-hair that will help assist lining up a subjects face to provide a better quality ID photo.

A screen shot displaying the Ellipse cross-hair is included below…

Ellipse Cross-hair


The top and bottom horizontal lines are based on a 5%, and 80% ratio as recommended in the guidelines provided by New Zealand passports.  The ellipse is based on 70% face width for 4:3 (Height/Width, i.e. portrait) aspect ratio.

Best use when using the cross-hairs is to ensure the centre line runs down the middle of the subjects nose and mouth.

Default Folder Changes:

I will not go into detail regarding the default folder changes, as they are basically the same as the Default Folder Changes made in Terian ID Creator.  The “Public Documents” folder will be used for data, and “My Documents” folder will be used for log files.


Similarly to the ID Creator testing, if everything progresses well and no major hurdles are encountered, as stated above I hope to release to the website early next week.

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