Terian ID Creator v1.12 in Testing

Just a quick note as I’ve compiled Terian ID Creator v1.12, and will be putting it through testing for the next couple of days hopefully with a public release within the next week or two.

Terian IDC v1.12 Change Log

New Capture Library:

Following on from the recent release of Terian Image Capture Pro v3.00 which incorporated the capture library migration to the DataStead VideoGrabber SDK, Terian IDC now also utilises the new capture library.

Other Fixes:

A few additional fixes have also been included in this release, with a slight noticeable change to how the Menu Bar interacts on the main application form.

Terian IDC New Dock Menu

Now instead of a zoom effect, a simple highlighting effect will take place when hovering over each menu item.   Changes to the menu bar helps resolve an issue where the menu was sometimes displayed incorrectly.


If testing progresses well and no major hurdles are encountered, as stated above i hope to release to the website within the next couple of weeks.

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