Terian ID Creator v1.20 in Testing

Early last week Terian ID Creator v1.20 entered Beta testing. The plan is to continue testing for the next week or so, and hopefully the public release will follow shortly afterwards.

Terian IDC v1.20 Changelog

Added Camera Control:

We now provide functionality to support controlling the camera where supported by the device. This includes adjusting the cameras ability to pan, tilt, roll, zoom, as well as changing the exposure, iris and focus settings.

This functionality is provided by the device driver, and if the driver exposes such functionality it will be made available within the camera control form of the capture window.

Camera Control Form

Increased User Interface Font Size

To improve support on touch devices and High DPI screens the default font size has been increased 20% and forms have been adjusted to increase the space between form controls. This should help improve readability and reduce incorrect control activation when using touch devices.

Other Fixes:

Support for Indesign CC 2017.1 has been improved, as well as a few other minor fixes. Changes have been made to the development environment and the SDK used for Video Capture.


If testing progresses well and no major hurdles are encountered, as stated above i hope to release to the website within the next couple of weeks.

I also plan to migrate the improved capture functionality to Terian Image Capture Pro in a future release.


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