Terian ID Creator v1.20 Released

Slightly sooner than I had anticipated in the previous post, I have just released v1.20 of Terian ID Creator. You can download it from the official website here

Terian IDC v1.20 Changelog

The primary focus of this update is the Camera Control functionality outlined here.

In addition to this, several bugs have been fixed as well as better support for OS Authentication mode in Database connections has been included.

The default folder structure has been adjusted slightly too, the new default structure is as follows…

%ProgramFiles(x86)%Sjones LimitedTerianTerianIDCDocs
%ProgramFiles(x86)%Sjones LimitedTerianTerianIDCSystem
%ProgramData%Sjones LimitedTerianTerianIDCDataDB
%PUBLIC%DocumentsSjones LimitedTerianTerianIDCData
%PUBLIC%DocumentsSjones LimitedTerianTerianIDCDataExports
%PUBLIC%DocumentsSjones LimitedTerianTerianIDCDataForms
%PUBLIC%DocumentsSjones LimitedTerianTerianIDCDataImports
%PUBLIC%DocumentsSjones LimitedTerianTerianIDCDataLogs
%PUBLIC%DocumentsSjones LimitedTerianTerianIDCDataPhoto CDS
%PUBLIC%DocumentsSjones LimitedTerianTerianIDCDataPhotos
%PUBLIC%DocumentsSjones LimitedTerianTerianIDCDataReports

One small issue that remains is that while official support for SQL Server 2008 R2 has been dropped, there is still a requirement for the SQL Server 2008 R2 Native Client (this can be installed separately). Unfortunately removal of this requirement was going to delay testing significantly, so I am planning to have this requirement removed in a future version.

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