Terian ID Creator v1.71 Released

Terian ID Creator v1.71 has just been released. You can download it from the official website here

This is a minor update to correct an issue with the CPA Class library when dealing with some versions of Adobe Indesign.

Terian IDC v1.71 Changelog

Windows 8.1, no longer supported:

One update that was not mentioned in the previous blog post, was the dropping of support for Windows 8.1 (Microsoft ended mainstream support for Windows 8.1 on January 9th, 2018).

While Terian ID Creator may continue to work on Windows 8.1, we will no longer test or support it on that platform and recommend where possible users upgrade to Windows 10.

Microsoft SQL Server 2016 or later recommended:

The documentation has also been updated to recommend Microsoft SQL Server 2016 or later. Similarly to the note regarding older operating systems, Terian ID Creator may continue to work with SQL Server 2014 however we no longer test or support it on that platform.


Terian ID Creator v1.70 Released

Terian ID Creator v1.70 has just been released. You can download it from the official website here.

You may notice there has been a couple of interim releases since our last blog post, however these primarily contained bug fixes and backend changes so did not warrant a dedicated blog post.

Terian IDC v1.70 Changelog

Cropping Support:

The biggest feature of this release is support for cropping images to a 4:3 aspect ratio. With HDMI and 1080p (1920×1080) resolution output from cameras now being the norm, this 16:9 aspect ratio provides a lot of extra detail that may not be required for capturing identification photos.

Short of rotating the camera and capturing in a portrait mode (currently not supported by Terian IDC) it is difficult to zoom in on a person to frame a good identification image using 16:9 aspect ratio resolutions. This is where 4:3 cropping comes to the rescue, so you can go from something like this 1920×1080 (16:9) image…

Terian IDC Capture Grid at 1920x1080

To something like this 1440×1080 (4:3) image

Terian IDC Capture Grid at 1920x1080 Cropped to 1440x1080

You can see in the first image above, the blue cropping square which helps illustrate what part of the original image will remain in the cropped image.

To maximize the cropped image size you should match the vertical size to the original size (in this case 1080 pixels), and the horizontal size will be reduced to retain the 4:3 aspect ratio, however it is also possible to select a smaller cropping size if desired.

Terian IDC Capture Configuration

Renamed previous Image Crop Functionality:

Due to the introduction of proper cropping functionality the previous ‘Image Crop’ functionality has been renamed to ‘Image Border’ as this better represents what that function does.

TerianIDC Capture Configuration Image Border

The ‘Image Border’ function simply replaces the pixels on the edges of an image with white pixels, with each side being able to be set independently.

This feature was useful for analog video capture devices that would often include a couple lines of additional noise along the edges of the input image.

Indesign CC 2020 (v15.0.2) Support

This update also provides support for Indesign CC v15.0.2 (or Indesign CC 2020 as the shortcuts may refer to).

Adobe Indesign CC 2020 Splash Screen

Next Up:

We are still evaluating the need to upgrade to a 64Bit executable, at this stage this is still lower on the priority list compared to other feature requests, however it is still being considered.

During development we had started to implement support for rotating the captured image (i.e. if you wanted to rotate your camera device and capture in portrait mode), however the capture framework we utilise did not correctly support this feature. We had worked with the vendor and an update was provided last week, however this still had some issues stopping us from implementing this feature. We continue to work with the vendor and hopefully we can implement this feature in a future version.