Terian ID Creator v1.80 Released

Ooops, apologies, but it looks like we forgot to publish a blog post for this release.

Anyways, Terian ID Creator v1.80 was released in late July. You can download it from the official website here

This release brings support for the latest (at time of release) versions of both Indesign (15.1.0), and Bartender (11.1) along with improvements to image support and additional bug fixes.

Terian IDC v1.80 Changelog

Bartender 11.1 and Indesign 15.1.0 support:

The headline of this release is the added support for the most recent releases of Bartender and Indesign. This is especially important with support for Bartender v11.1 (also referred to as the 2019 Edition) as compared to the previous edition of Bartender, v11.1 is a significant enhancement in feature set.

You can find out more about the different editions of Bartender here

Improved data folder support:

To help provide more flexibility for data folder configuration, we now allow for the top level client data folder to be specified within the configuration. This is useful when creating card types as Terian will now browse from this top level folder and offer a suggestion for the naming of data folders for card types.

Improved image support:

Terian now supports PNG files in addition to JPG files for any of the images used for printing cards, this can be set individually on each photo field associated with a card type. The addition of PNG support helps provide card design flexibility, especially when it would be helpful to have a transparent image.

We also now provide support for an alternative image folder for each image, a copy of the photo will be saved to this alternative folder in addition to the primary photo folder. This alternative folder may be helpful for other processes that you may need to run on the photos used by the system while maintaining the integrity of the primary storage location.

Also included in this version is support for capturing the secondary and tertiary images (Photo 2, and Photo 3). Previously only Photo 1 supported obtaining an image via the capture process, image capture support is now available for all three photo fields.

Terian IDC Card Type Configuration Photo1 Field

Quality of life improvement:

A very small quality of life improvement has been provided with the addition of a card type configuration button on both the Create Card, and Card Maintenance forms. Previously this functionality existed in the popup menu, however now with a visible button it may be more apparent to users.

Terian IDC Create Card form highlighting CardType Configuration button

Additional bug fixes:

As highlighted in the changelog, there has also been additional bug fixes applied to this release.

Coming soon:

One advantage of forgetting to publish this post, is that we can now comment on what is currently in development for future versions of Terian ID Creator.

We are currently working on providing support for the built in Fast Reports engine to be used as a Card Printing Application (CPA) in the same way you can currently use either Indesign or Bartender. This will allow for cards to be printed using the internal engine, and will not require a third party printing application like Indesign or Bartender. Currently this feature is in its early development stages, but we hope upon its release it will greatly improve the flexibility of Terian ID Creator.