Terian ID Creator v1.90 Released

After a few months in testing, Terian ID Creator v1.90 has been released. You can download it from the official website here

In addition to bug fixes, this release includes Indesign 2021 (v16.0.1) support, QR Code generation support, Universal Unique Identifier (UUID) support, and improvements to capture functionality.

We have also removed support for older versions of Indesign as the Card Printing Application (CPA).

Terian IDC v1.90 Changelog

QR Code generation support:

Terian IDC now supports generating either a ‘Plain Text’ or ‘Web Hyperlink’ QR Code within Indesign. QR Code settings are configured as part of the GeneralText fields which allows data to be linked from other fields, global fields, global lookup lists or manually inserted.

General Text Field QR Code Configuration

Universal Unique Identifier (UUID) support:

A new UUID is generated every every time a card is printed and can be linked in a GeneralText field for use in QR Codes.

The UUID’s generated are version 4, variant 1 UUIDs, more information can be found here

Capture functionality improvements:

Focus and zoom sliders are now available from the main capture form (previously these were accessible via the camera control form).

Capture form with Focus and Zoom sliders

The image adjustment and camera control forms have also been updated to be more compatible with touch screen devices by increasing the space and size of UI elements.

Capture Camera Control form
Capture Image Adjustment form

Indesign versions supported:

This release removes support for older versions of Indesign (CS3, CS4, CS5, CS5.5, CC). Currently only the following versions of Indesign are supported:

  • Indesign CC 2017 (v12)
  • Indesign CC 2018 (v13)
  • Indesign CC 2019 (v14)
  • Indesign CC 2020 (v15)
  • Indesign CC 2021 (v16)

Additional bug fixes and quality of life improvements:

As highlighted in the changelog, there has also been additional bug fixes and a couple quality of life improvements.

An example of a fix/quality of life improvement is the improvement to the responsiveness of the form frame list when changing CPA form configuration settings.

Using Fast Reports as a Card Printing Application (CPA) Delayed:

In the previous blog here it was mentioned that we are working on supporting using Fast Reports as a CPA. This feature has been delayed and we hope to bring it in a future release.