Terian ID Creator v1.91 Released

Terian ID Creator v1.91 has just been released; you can download it from the official website here.

This release brings along several improvements and bug fixes. The updated version offers better support for InDesign CC 16.1.0 and includes a couple enhancements to improve user experience and functionality.

Quality of life improvement:

One of the small additions is the card type configuration button in the shipping form. This feature helps provide a more user-friendly interface and makes the process of creating and shipping ID cards much more accessible and efficient.

The new update also includes several enhancements to the create card, shipping, and maintenance forms. The width of these forms has been adjusted to allow for the display of wider fields. This improvement helps users to input and manage data more efficiently and accurately.

Fixes to @UUID and zoom:

Furthermore, the missing @UUID Parameter issue with the CSV Import process has been fixed, making it possible for users to import data without experiencing any difficulties. This improvement saves users time and effort when importing large amounts of data.

Another critical issue addressed in this update is the zoom feature not being considered when capturing images. This problem has been fixed, allowing users to capture images with the desired level of zoom. This enhancement ensures that the images captured are of high quality and meet the specific needs of users.

This release brings several improvements and bug fixes that enhance the overall user experience. The new features, such as the card type configuration button and the improved form width, make it easier and more efficient to create and manage ID cards. The fixed bugs also ensure that users can import data and capture images with ease and accuracy.


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