Terian ID Creator v1.93 Released

After a significant period in testing, we are excited to announce the release of Terian ID Creator v1.93. You can download it from the official website here.

This latest update is a significant one, offering a range of enhancements and new functionality to improve the user experience.

Indesign version support:

This release features the addition of support for InDesign CC 17.1.0, allowing users to leverage the latest capabilities of this powerful tool. At the same time, we have removed support for older versions of InDesign, including InDesign CC 2017 (v12), and InDesign CC 2018 (v13), to focus on delivering the best possible experience for our users.

Quality of life improvements:

With this release we have focused on improving the usability of the software. One of the significant changes we have made is the numerous improvements to form layouts. We understand the software is used by people with different screen sizes and resolutions, and we have optimized the layout to ensure that users have an enjoyable experience.

The forms have been updated to allow displaying wider fields, thereby making it easier to input and view data. We have also increased the space between UI elements, making it easier to differentiate between them and reduce the change of clicking on the wrong button or field.

Additionally, we have taken into consideration users who use touch screen devices such as tablets and laptops. We have made sure that the UI elements are appropriately sized, spaced, and positioned to allow for better touch input.

These improvements to form layouts are aimed at improving the usability of Terian ID Creator v1.93, making it easier and more intuitive for users to navigate and use the software.


Additionally, we have fixed a range of issues, including the save button not being visible on certain forms, global lookup GeneralText fields incorrectly repopulating, and forms being incorrectly displayed off-screen.

We have also fixed the missing registry key error on start-up and the issue with global data fields incorrectly exceeding range limits.