Terian ICP v2.57 Released

Terian Image Capture PRO v2.57 was released 10 days ago, unfortunately a hectic schedule has meant this blog entry was delayed a bit. ūüôā

Changes (from v2.54):

  • Added Search text box to Main Form to link to Data Browser Form.
  • Added ‘Auto Close on Selection’ checkbox to Data Browser Form.
  • Changed Data Browser Form functionality to NOT reset any data filters.
  • Added data filter notification to Data Browser Form.
  • Fixed hints displaying incorrectly in Configuration Form.
  • Fixed combo boxes in Configuration Form.
  • Fixed missing ‘Data Assisted Layout’ option from default layout in Configuration Form.
  • Added Filename label to Data Assist Layout.
  • Fixed issue with Freeze Frame locking up video stream.

Live Testing Raises Issues:

Currently I have a client testing the system in their production environment, and this has raised a couple of issues (which have been addressed in the changes listed above), however it has been invaluable to have hands on live testing experience.

The changes relating to the Data Browser form were the most important ones, while simple changes in functionality, they provided considerable improvements to the efficiency of the capture process.

The client has been using Terian ICP to capture ID photos for students at multiple high schools in their local area, under ideal circumstances the client is provided an electronic list of all students which is imported, then students can be processed alphabetically by their Class or Year of study.  When all things work well, all information is present and students are correctly ordered the process is extremely streamlined taking less than 10 seconds to process a single student.

However, when things don’t quite work to plan (as was the case at a couple of the high schools) the capture operator is sometimes required to manually lookup (using the Data Browser) student details before capturing their photo. ¬†Prior to the changes in v2.57 this process could add an additional 5-10 seconds to the time to process each student. ¬† While this may not seem like a significant amount of time, it adds up, causing delays and operator frustration when students or even an entire class need to be processed manually.

Simple Changes Increase Efficiency:

  • Adding a quick search box on the main form reduced the amount of mouse clicks and movement required to manually lookup student details.
  • Adding¬†an ‘Auto Close on Selection’ check box to Data Browser Form also reduced the amount of mouse clicks and movement required. ¬†(The custom form shape¬†does not include minimize/maximize buttons so the Data Browser could not be minimized, so previously the operator either had to keep opening and closing it, or moving it off to the side of the screen.)

These two simple changes increased efficiency considerably, and possibly even more importantly reduced operator frustration (which became evident when observing older versions of Terian ICP being utilised).

Live Testing is Invaluable:

Being able to live test in a production environment has provided invaluable feedback and helped to improve the efficiency of the capture system.   This is very important as one of the primary differentiators of Terian ICP over other capture systems is the efficiency at which it can capture ID photos of a large group of people.  In total over 6,000 photos were captured across a handful of schools with the fastest school able to be captured at over 400 students an hour*.

* Capture efficiency is also dependent on the organisation of the school, simple things like ensuring students move quickly, are ordered correctly (i.e. alphabetically), and reducing delays between groups (i.e. class/year) being processed all combine to increase overall capture efficiency.

Terian ICP v2.54 Released

I’ve just released Terian Image Capture PRO v2.54.


  • Fixed Change Device Functionality.
  • Increased width of Configuration form.
  • Increased width of Main form.

The Change Device issue was annoying, as previously the program would need to be restarted when a different capture device was selected. The increased width of the Configuration form helps improve readability of the folder names now that the default setting is to use the My Documents folders. The increased main form width allows a capture size of 640 x 480 to be completely visible without needing to manually increase the default form size.

Terian Image Capture Standard Video Demonstration

Finally after a surprising amount of effort on behalf of the producer and volunteers we have a video demonstration of Terian Image Capture Standard available.

Video demonstration = Much Effort:

It can not be understated the amount of effort that is required to produce a video demonstration of a software product.   Starting from the initial idea, to story boarding, to script writing, to capturing, to editing, to rendering, and finally to publishing the finished product can take a considerable amount of time and effort.

Time and effort aside, it can also be quite frustrating when one runs into issues with hardware and resources.  Much can be said about having the right equipment for the job.  However as a first production I believe it to be acceptable, and must admit to being quite pushy and wanting to get something up as soon as possible with perfection to come later.

“Get something in front of users as soon as it has a quantum of utility.”

Hopefully the demonstration video will provide an enhanced overview of the product compared to the screenshots alone. Often screenshots lack the context to convey their full meaning, and it can be time consuming retrieving context via printed documentation, especially when a simple 8 minute video demonstration will suffice.

Production Issues:

The biggest issue we encountered was a strange audio feedback that occurred when any of the hardware devices were plugged into the mains. ¬†With the hardware available at the time we were unable to overcome this issue completely, however we managed to minimize it by running everything on batteries. ¬†This was a very strange issue indeed, and certainly confused most people I queried about it. ¬†In the words of other people (After we had gone through the process of trying different hardware/plugs/locations¬†etc.) “It just shouldn’t be doing that, it¬†doesn’t make sense”.

Queue The Next Video:

The next Video production on the TO-DO list is a demonstration of Terian Image Capture Pro.   Hopefully we can find a solution for the audio issues, and address any issues that may arise with the current video.

It’s Alive, It’s Alive!!!

Just a quick blog entry, and apologies for a longer gap that I had wished since the previous blog entry, however I have been tirelessly working towards the release of the Terian ID System. Whilst the Terian ID System (now to be called Terian ID Creator) is not yet released, I have just released the Terian Image Capture System in two varieties; Terian Image Capture Standard (ICS), and Terian Image Capture Pro (ICP).

Terian Image Capture Standard and Terian Image Capture Pro:

Terian Image Capture Standard and Pro Box Art

These applications will enable an operator to quickly and easily capture group photos as required in the case of school ID Cards, or corporate ID Cards. The standard version provides simple image capture functionality, where as the Pro version provides data integration to allow for more efficient bulk capturing. For more info, check out the all new Terian Image Capture web site

Other News – Employee #1:

While I have been busy finalising the software for release, I have also taken on a new employee (my first) to look after the web development. There were all sorts of new business things I had to undertake to become an employer, most of which can be done on-line which is great.

  • Register as an employer with IRD
  • Register as an employer with ACC
  • Sign up employee for KiwiSaver
  • Organise a Payroll
  • Check indemnity insurance cover

A month in and it’s all relatively straight forward now, with little more required than paying additional taxes related to the employee and ensuring I pay them too.

With the employee being an undergraduate there is also a lot of learning on the job, and so far there is sufficient motivation and interest to keep everyone happy. However, it has quickly become apparent that there is more work than hours available to do it in.

Work a Plenty:

With Phase 1 of ummm… errr… “Heaps” complete with the Terian Website rollout, and Image Capture System release we can now move onto the next step which includes additional website functionality, and of course the continued testing/updating of Terian ID Creator.

So definitely plenty of work still to be done.