Terian ID Creator v1.12 in Testing

Just a quick note as I’ve compiled Terian ID Creator v1.12, and will be putting it through testing for the next couple of days hopefully with a public release within the next week or two.

Terian IDC v1.12 Change Log

New Capture Library:

Following on from the recent release of Terian Image Capture Pro v3.00 which incorporated the capture library migration to the DataStead VideoGrabber SDK, Terian IDC now also utilises the new capture library.

Other Fixes:

A few additional fixes have also been included in this release, with a slight noticeable change to how the Menu Bar interacts on the main application form.

Terian IDC New Dock Menu

Now instead of a zoom effect, a simple highlighting effect will take place when hovering over each menu item.   Changes to the menu bar helps resolve an issue where the menu was sometimes displayed incorrectly.


If testing progresses well and no major hurdles are encountered, as stated above i hope to release to the website within the next couple of weeks.

Code Signing Migration from SHA-1 to SHA256

Effective January 1, 2016, Windows (version 7 and higher) and Windows Server will no longer trust new code that is signed with a SHA-1 code signing certificate for Mark-of-the-Web related scenarios (e.g. files containing a digital signature) and that has been time-stamped with a value greater than January 1, 2016. This cut-off date applies to the code-signing certificate itself.

What this means:

Any new distribution of our products (i.e. Terian ICP, Terian IDC) that are code signed and time stamped from 01/Jan/2016 onwards will no longer appear as coming from a verified publisher, i.e. like this…


SHA256 Certificate:

Fortunately GoDaddy provides both SHA-1, and SHA256 code signing certificates. So newer versions of Windows can be supported with the new SHA256 certificate ensuring our applications still appear to be from a verified published.

Dual Certificate Code Signing:

To ensure we maintain backward compatibility with older versions of windows all new distributions will be code signed with both the SHA-1, and SHA256 certificates, like this…

Terian ICP Properties Dialog displaying SHA1, and SHA256 Digital Signatures

SHA-1 Deprecation:

Once SHA-1 has been fully deprecated we will most likely transition to only signing our code with the SHA256 certificate. Hopefully by this time our requirement to ensure 100% support on older systems will be reduced.

More information regarding Windows Enforcement of authenticode Code Signing can be found here

Terian ID Creator v1.11 Released

This update has taken slightly longer than I had hoped, however I’ve finally completed testing of v1.11 of Terian ID Creator, and have publicly released it. You can download it from the official website here

Major Change:

v1.11 includes a major change to the database datatypes used to improve Unicode support. We have one customer that had two cases of an uncommon Russian Dialect that was not visualised correctly. For the most part other common Unicode characters were visualised correctly, however to ensure better compatibility I have completely overhauled the database. Unfortunately the drawback to this change is that this version is not backwards compatible with older Terian database versions.

Change log:

A full list of changes can be seen in the screenshot below…

Terian IDC v1.11 Change Log

Terian Image Capture Pro v2.60 Released

Slightly later than I had hoped, but I have completed testing of v2.60 of Terian Image Capture Pro and publicly released it.  You can download it from the official website here

No additional bugs were uncovered during testing, however a late feature request was implemented.  The CSV Import functionality now allows the operator the option of ignoring the first line of the files to be imported, as often data files are provided by customers with field titles as the first line.

One other minor change is the installation files will no longer contain the term ‘Trial’, as the registered version only requires a license file.   This should help avoid any potential confusion where previously registered users continued to see ‘Trial’ in the application short cuts and Add/Remove Programs Control Panel applet.

Terian Image Capture Pro v2.60 in Testing

Similar to the ID Creator post previously, this is just a quick note to say I’ve just compiled Terian Image Capture Pro v2.60, and will be putting it through testing for the next couple of days and hopefully with a public release early next week.

The changes in this release are:

  • Cross-hair support
  • Default Folder Changes (similar to the default folder changes made to Terian ID Creator)

Cross-hair support:

Cross-hair support has been something that I have wanted to implement for quite some time, as I have found with our clients capturing large numbers of images the framing of images can vary quite a bit.

Two basic cross-hairs are included, as well as an Ellipse cross-hair that will help assist lining up a subjects face to provide a better quality ID photo.

A screen shot displaying the Ellipse cross-hair is included below…

Ellipse Cross-hair


The top and bottom horizontal lines are based on a 5%, and 80% ratio as recommended in the guidelines provided by New Zealand passports.  The ellipse is based on 70% face width for 4:3 (Height/Width, i.e. portrait) aspect ratio.

Best use when using the cross-hairs is to ensure the centre line runs down the middle of the subjects nose and mouth.

Default Folder Changes:

I will not go into detail regarding the default folder changes, as they are basically the same as the Default Folder Changes made in Terian ID Creator.  The “Public Documents” folder will be used for data, and “My Documents” folder will be used for log files.


Similarly to the ID Creator testing, if everything progresses well and no major hurdles are encountered, as stated above I hope to release to the website early next week.

Terian ID Creator v1.10 Released

As promised last week, I’ve completed testing of v1.10 of Terian ID Creator, and have publicly released it.   You can download it from the official website here

Testing uncovered a couple minor bugs that have been resolved.  Also the installation guide has been updated to take into account the changes to the default installation paths and configuration forms.

Terian ID Creator v1.10 in Testing

Just a quick note as i’ve just compiled Terian ID Creator v1.10, and will be putting it through testing for the next couple of days hopefully with a public release early next week.

The main changes in this release are:

  • Default Folder Changes
  • Additional Operator Rights
  • Updated Report Engine Option

Default Folder Changes:

The Public Documents folder will now be the default location for data files.  So the folder structure will now end up being like this…

  • <Public Documents>Sjones LimitedTerianTerian_IDCDataCapture
  • <Public Documents>Sjones LimitedTerianTerian_IDCDataExports
  • <Public Documents>Sjones LimitedTerianTerian_IDCDataForms
  • <Public Documents>Sjones LimitedTerianTerian_IDCDataImports
  • <Public Documents>Sjones LimitedTerianTerian_IDCDataPhotos

The My Documents folder will be the default location for log files.

These folder structure changes will be standardised across all Terian Applications (i.e. Image Capture Pro, LoadData Utility), and will be more user friendly when dealing with multiple applications in the Terian family.

The folder changes also make administration easier when multiple Windows user accounts are used.

Note: These are only the default values, however they can be changed at any stage.

Additional Operator Rights:

The operator configuration provides additional options for restricting functionality and access to different parts of the system.


Operator Configuration Rights

Operator Configuration Rights


Oprator Data Rights

Oprator Data Rights

These rights will allow for more granular control of operator access to the system features.

Updated Report Engine Option:

The Report Engine has been updated with the ability to include Client Contact Address details within reports.

As an example of how this feature will improve your workflow, you can now print a report and have it folded appropriately to insert into a windowed envelope without the need to generate a separate envelope address label.

A simple enhancement, but one that was requested by our users.

Additional Bug Fixes:

As always with each new release there are additional bug fixes.


If testing progresses well and no major hurdles are encountered, as stated above I hope to release to the website early next week.


Terian ID Creator – Public Release Done!

After slightly over 3 years since the original development project was created, I’m pleased to announce the public release of Terian ID Creator v1.01.

Terian WebSite Screenshot

Similarly to Terian Image Capture Pro, a 30 day trial is available for Terian ID Creator. An installation guide that outlines the installation procedure and requirements is also available.

Brief Development History:

A more detailed history of development changes is available in the About Dialog within the application, however here is a brief list of some of the milestones achieved during development…

So as you can see, a little over 3 years in development from starting point to public release point.

What’s Next:

Well there are a number of additional features I plan to add in the future, however in the interim I will be taking a brief rest for a couple weeks which will hopefully allow me to tidy up a couple other projects that have been sidelined while completing ID Creator.

Terian ID Creator – Almost there

A quick (slightly late) update….

Good news, I compiled v1.0 of Terian ID Creator on 17/Jun/2014, however it was not without a couple hurdles…

Packaging Woes:

Unfortunately compiling the application is only one part of the distribution puzzle, the next step was to figure out how I was going to package the application and make it simple enough for users to download and install. During the packaging testing stage I discovered a couple hurdles and a couple minor bugs that I had to overcome. My initial plan for distribution wasn’t compatible across all platforms supported, so I had to quickly rethink that.

I briefly toyed with the idea of simply dropping support for the platforms I was having issues with, but instead opted to find a method that would support my original intended list of supported platforms.

On 26/Jun/2014 I compiled v1.01 of Terian ID Creator ready for packaging, and finally built the installer package on 02/Jul/2014, so we are slowly making progress.

Terian IDC v1.01 About Box

Documentation Woes:

Once the installation package was finalised It became evident during testing that some form of installation guide would be required, so I have spent the past couple days preparing a guide to briefly outline the steps required to install Terian ID Creator.

Terian ID Creator Installation Guide

This also produced a couple of challenges, especially when Word and Acrobat didn’t want to co-operate in regards to Text hiding behind graphics and vice-versa in some places. After a small bit of arm-wrestling I succeeded in getting a ‘Quick’ 25 page Installation Guide prepared (granted most of it is screen shots), so at least users should have a good idea of how to install the application and what the requirements are.

Next Step, WebSite Update:

I’m currently working on a website update to include additional information and download links for the Terian ID Creator 30 Day Trial, so hope to have that go live within the next week. Once this step is completed then it will be time for celebration as everything will officially be in the wild.

Sneaky Pre-Website update availability:

If anyone is interested in having an early look at the final product here are the direct links that I will be using on the Terian website

Terian ID Creator v1.01 Trial Installer

Terian ID Creator Installation Guide (PDF)

As always any feedback is welcome.