Terian ID System – Live Testing Begins…

Today marks a special milestone, as we rolled out the Terian ID Production and Management System for live testing.

Terian ID Production and Management System Login Screen

We are fortunate enough to have a client that is willing to be our test subject (favourable licensing conditions to follow naturally), so it was a great opportunity to get the system up and running in a production environment with a limited capacity.

Initially only two Card Types have been migrated to the new system. We are limiting the live testing to not only ensure all issues can be dealt with in a timely manner but also ensure the client does not suffer any downtime. (A lesson I’m sure Novopay has since learned).

So fingers crossed there are no major bugs, and we can slowly ramp up the testing over the next few weeks/months as we migrate additional card types to the new system.

3 thoughts on “Terian ID System – Live Testing Begins…

    • The source of the name was originally related to a concept I had for the Logo which involved a Tree with the different branches representing arms to the range of products. Messing around, and wanting to come up with something very quickly ‘Terian’ was chosen as it was similar sounding to ‘Tree’ (well to me at the time at least), and I wanted something that could stand on its own and not necessarily currently be directly related to a specific application.

      ‘Terian’ was chosen for the Development name of the entire range of products, Image Management System (IMS) , ID Production and Management System (IDS), Image Capture System (ICS). (The three letter acronyms are very handy for folder structures, source repositories, and issue tracking report ID’s 🙂 )

      As the products are still in development I’m still undecided if this name will stick for the commercial rollout.


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