Terian ID Creator v1.35 in Testing

Following on from the point release 1.31 of Terian ID Creator we have been working closely with one of our clients and have been testing the next version of Terian ID Creator (v1.35).

Terian ID Creator About Box

Additional Image Support:

The major change of the upcoming version is support for an additional image linked to a card, with the new system allowing for 3 images to be linked. This allows a card to potentially support a photo image, a signature image and a QR Code image (or other image). This change has required a significant alteration to the forms and sizes of images displayed on the data input forms.

UI Changes:

In addition to the changes required to support an additional image we have also made some tweaks to the UI and increased the size of many form elements. We have increased the default size of form fonts from size 10 to size 12, and also changed from ‘Tahoma’ to ‘Segoe UI’ as the primary font set. The font size increase has required many forms to be enlarged to ensure everything fits correctly. The good news is that these changes translate well to high DPI screens allowing for a more comfortable UI experience.

Logon Dialog with ‘Tahoma’ size 10 font:

Terian ID Creator logon dialog previous font

Logon Dialog with ‘Segoe UI’ size 12 font:

Terian ID Creator logon dialog with larger fonts

Mifare Encoding:

We now support Mifare Encoding by integrating with specialised SDKs provided by security vendors. This will require a customized SDK from your security vendor that is compatible with Terian ID Creator. This feature is client specific and may not be available to all users, however if you wish to get in touch we can talk with your security vendor to see if they can provide a compatible SDK.

Release Date:

The UI changes are quite significant, and coupled with the introduction of support for an additional image there is quite a bit of work to do before release. At this stage a rough estimate is that we are looking early in the new year before the official release.


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