Terian ID Creator v1.50 Released

Much later than hoped, I have released Terian ID Creator v1.50. You can download it from the official website here

Terian IDC v1.50 Changelog

Significant Update:

As can be seen from the about dialog, this is a significant update. The significance of the changes meant a jump in version to v1.50 was justified rather than a bump to v1.35 as discussed in the previous blog entry. While there are no additional major changes from those previously discussed, there have been numerous updates that combine to make for a more user friendly experience.

Additional Image Support:

The system now supports three placeholders for images associated with card designs. An example where this might be beneficial is if you require a photo of the card holder, a signature image, and some other image such as a custom QR Code image.

This change required significant alterations to the forms, however we retained the same level of flexibility with three images as we previously had with two. In fact with the minor updates to functions like the photo picker, it is now even easier to maintain cards and designs with multiple images.

Mifare Encoding:

We now support Mifare Encoding by integrating with specialised SDKs provided by security vendors. This will require a customized SDK from your security vendor that is compatible with Terian ID Creator. This feature is client specific and may not be available to all users, however if you wish to get in touch we can talk with your security vendor to see if they can provide a compatible SDK.

UI Updates:

To help usability with high resolution and DPI screens we have increased the default font size 20% and also changed from ‘Tahoma’ to ‘Segoe UI’ as the primary font set. This has required many of the forms to be enlarged and adjusted to ensure everything fits correctly. The good news is that these changes translate well to high DPI screens and allow for a more comfortable UI experience, especially when using a touch interface.

Windows 7, no longer supported:

Unfortunately as this version (v1.50) we no longer support Terian ID Creator running on Windows 7. With Microsoft having ended mainstream support for Windows 7 service pack 1 on 13th January 2015, we feel our limited support and testing resources are better directed to more current platforms. While Terian ID Creator may continue to work on Windows 7, we do not test or support it on that platform and recommend where possible users upgrade to Windows 10.

Going Forward:

This version brings some fantastic usability tweaks which we will continue to monitor feedback for, and provide updates accordingly. However we are currently investigating integrating support for additional Card Printing Applications (CPAs). Hopefully we’ll have some exciting news in the near future that might allow for an alternative printing system to using Adobe InDesign.

So fingers crossed you’ll hear from us soon.


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